Welcome Your Oblivion

by Legions Ablaze

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"Welcome your Oblivion" is the debut album from South African metal band Legions Ablaze


released July 21, 2014




Legions Ablaze Johannesburg, South Africa

Legions Ablaze is a 5-piece metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa. The band is in the process of releasing their debut album "Welcome Your Oblivion".

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Track Name: Redemption
A cracked and worn
carapace holds my mind.
Split and broken,
no wounds have healed.
These thoughts spill
over the cusp, a poison leaving my body!

This damage has me dead to rights.
An unshakeable feeling of dread,
I can hear their voices in the dead of night..
coming for me!
Searching for their penance.

The fear has taken me,
I have nowhere to run.

Searching the deepening chasm,
seeking that which holds the key
to my mind.
(Key to my mind)

Help me maintain this stability,
don't let me fall prey to the beasts
An unsettling feeling crawls
it's way up my spine.

Help me shake these demons
that haunt me and step in every time.
Help me find my way back home, take my
hand and lead me back, far away
from this place of pain.

Away from this, away from this hell.

This hell I have created for myself. Help
me find my way.
Track Name: Paradise
Rage ignites against the teller
of this tale
who never waivers.
As we sleep, they arise.

I have seen
the end of the road
they have built.
Leading us straight to hell.
Upon wings of desolation.

A burdened plague that saturates
this life.
Terminate their existence and look forward to a place
of purity and wholeness.
Once their empire has fallen.
I have seen the paradise
that we all seek,
beyond the throne of or masters.
Stand with me now
as we advance.
Make them pay...
the penance that is due.

They crossed this line
for the first and final time,
and now their lives are forfeit,
In my paradise.

Can you feel the weight on us now?
We have suffered long enough.
Can you feel the weight on you now?
Track Name: Withered Worlds (feat. James Dexter)
I'm standing on the edge, eyes rolling back,
reflecting the deepest of oceans!
There was no hand of god guiding our path!

We have suffered for this violent life, we have been
cast aside.

Four pennies on the dollar, that's all our lives are worth.
Their taxes are used to bleed us dry.

There is no hope for us if we can't survive
without their blood money!

Who will pay the price
of our souls?
Who will pay the cost?
Who will reap the vengeance?

It's on us to fix what is broken, we will
reap what they've sown.
We will suffer for this violent life, we have been cast aside.
Everything was taken (was taken)...when
will this end?

This world will end with our bodies as sacrifice,
but in the end we will all pay the price.
For years of spoils our greed consumes our future sons, ending in chaos for each and everyone.
What did you think would happen if we didn't start to tolerate?
The signs are clear: there's no escape
for a scribe of life with no sign of remorse.
Join the masses and add to the discord!

We won't pay the price!

This is for fealty, this is for family.
This is for fealty, this is for family.

Who will pay the price
of our souls?
Who will pay the cost
of our dead earth
and withered lives?
Track Name: Collapse
I am the architect of the collapse,
the end of this earth,
the end of time.
Breathe in the desolation!

Mesopotamia is where we landed
and created this collapse,
a design engineered
simply for the destruction of the earth.
A spear through the heart of humanity.

The wretched and the righteous fall
as one.

This passing time,
a journey of destroyed lives,
nothing left to take.
All hope has been lost
so long ago.
The ashes of this earth
lost to shadow.

In the eyes of god we are left to our devices.
A broken shattered breed built for war and deceit.

I have deceived nations for aeons.
Digging their graves,
graves with no stones!

The earth is one of many.
The earth is one of many planets I have destroyed
with no conscience.
All beings shall feel my wrath!

This passing time,
a journey of destroyed lives,
nothing left to take.
All hope has been lost
so long ago.
The ashes of this earth
lost to shadow.

The warnings were always there
and yet none paid heed.
And yet none paid heed!

Condemned to the dark abyss.

Deep within the temples.
Deep within the temples -
temples of death!

The knowledge of the ruination
of mankind slept
on this earth...all this time!

The end times.
Track Name: End of Days
The time has come
to bring the war to you.
This war of the spirit
and of the flesh.

Now it is
time to announce your end
as we usher in
the dawning of a new age!

An age without your
mediocrity, without the
slings and arrows
of the past.

Now know that
this journey
shall take us
back to the light.

We stand at the edge of a great fire,
waiting to be consumed.

Seeing the light of day
through the splinters of our own delusions.
Away from all these thoughts that claim your ignorance,
this is the end of days.
There is no return.
There is no return.

The time has come
to cleanse your souls' filth.
An empty catharsis of despair awaits you.
We have cast you down
to the pit to which you belong.
We have cast you down to the pit.

How many must die?
How much hope do we need to lose?
How many must die until we see the end of days?
Track Name: The Hive
This is naught but a passage.
A piece of writing flowing
through the dusts of time -
a grave message.
To be told to those who will listen.

waking from this dream
see the insanity
that you now face.
Will you wake from slumber once again?
Will you rise?
Will you rise?

Will you now face the evil?
Will you prevail or fall?
Stand for what you know is true!
Be not blinded by deceit!

Now behold
what you've become.
Open your eyes.
See the lies you believe.
The master plan revealed,
do you not see?
You have been deceived,
do you not see?

Gather around,
behold the end that awaits you
unless you
take control of all that unbinds you.
Now, stand firm with me,
let forth the power that lies deep inside of you.

Come now my friends!
The time is right for us
to make a final stand and fight!

We will not be fed into the grinder,
we have a choice.
Our lives mean more than the penance that we are striving for.
Take a stand!

wake up from your dream -
you have lost your way!
You must arise!
Track Name: VII (feat. Bryan Binneman)
I know
what it's like
to give up on it all.

I've picked myself up,
and faced off my darkest fears.

Through the haze
of smoke,
I breathe in
the blackened days.

This life
never held any meaning
just another day to carve away
on the tombstone,
counting the years.
Watching the stars spiral.

Away my life.
Away my life.

Reverse the hands of fate.
Redeem my faults.
Show me the face of mercy
for the destruction I have caused.

Pushing through
the bitter taste
of failure,
keeping my head held high.

I am the master
of my own
Through this conviction
I will prevail,
until my time is up!

These broken doors lie paramount to skyline walls.
How have I come to enter this battle?
How have I come to fall?
To become the supreme leader, overlord!
You can change what is written for us, don't fear the unknown.
You can change what is written for us if we don't fear.

I've left so much behind
to try and break free,
and I'm always asked,
was it worth it?

I will not break.
I will not bow.

All I have
was built on my own.
This is my self fulfilling prophecy.
I will not break (I will not break).
I will not bow (I will not bow).
I will not break (I will not break).
I will not bow (I will not bow).
Track Name: Andromeda
I've seen the rise and fall
of empires the
dimensional gates have opened.

The hordes have come
through the cracks in our perceptions.
A golden arch
ripped through the sky.

We sought the key to our understanding
and found it
deep within our past.

Sumerians and Assyrians
knew the truth all along.
We are being watched and surveyed.

They will soon come
to cleanse this earth of of us.
And all that remains is ash.

A beautiful gift
was bestowed upon us.
We spat in the face of the righteous.
We spat in the face of the righteous.

And turned our backs
on the earth.
Now, the catharsis
shall begin.
We turned our backs
on ourselves.
Let the internal fires burn
and eviscerate our
penitential souls.

Bring out your dead!

This earth
will be
carved and all who stand to see
will be slaughtered
by the hand of war.
No one will survive
the onslaught
brought on by our

This is the end
of humanity.
Raise your glass
and toast the conquerors
of our earth,
they will be here to turn out the lights.
When we are gone.
Track Name: First Blood

Blood has soaked this ground.
Eternity has been shed
by corporate interests.
The seas awash with waste
and the air laden
with your poisons, and the stench of your guilt.
This world is burning -
the eternal fires of damnation!

There will soon be nothing left for us!
There will be no sanctity!
They'll keep on drilling
and we're bleeding our earth dry.
We're all set to pay their price
of the falling dollar .
A pound of flesh for a gallon.
A pound of flesh for a fucking gallon!

The black hand has made its mark,
of famine.

Paradise burns, blackened by your hands.

A change of mind is all we need to see the signs,
laid out in stone so long ago. This is all we have:

And all, we'll ever have! And they're taking it away
day by day.

Everything it touches dies -
a cancerous disease.

I've seen your filth, walking the earth, unblemished.
Taking it all...at whose cost?

Paradise burns, blackened by your hands.

We've lost the war against ourselves.
We are nothing but shells of our souls'
true existence .
Of our souls' true existence.
Track Name: Welcome Your Oblivion
Slipping swiftly into the
deepening tide
of oblivion.

A way to forget
our past failures.
Settling into the abyss
of complacency,
this is the nectar of my salvation (salvation).

Now take back your lies
they've compromised.
Tour ideals
are a fleeting glimpse
of the lie you seek.
Chasing a hollow crown
with no end in sight.

There is more to this life.
Take your soul and find
a new path.
We have sacrificed ourselves
for no leaders.

Drinking deep the water
of the righteous,
the devil is in disguise
wearing a cross and robes.
In their arms I found salvation
bleeding me dry.

Deep into the darkness I sink
with no memory
of the tides of woe.
Pushing away the seeping light,
I'm left to resume my plight.

In their arms I found salvation
bleeding me dry.
Why can I not see
the dead in me (the dead in me).

Feel the weight
of the crown of thorns
pulling you down.

I watch as the world
is drowned by the sea
and all that is
is obsolete (obsolete).

Stare into the fire
on this final day.
Stare into the abyss
this final night.
And welcome your oblivion.